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What’s your plans for Chinese National Holiday?

 Chinese National DayThe P.R. China (中华人民共和国) was established 71 years ago on October 1st, 1949. In the year of 2020, we are celebrating its 71th anniversary […]

List of All Chinese Radicals

The StoryChinese characters can be decomposed into components called radicals or bùshǒu部首. The most commonly accepted table of radicals for traditional Chinese characters consists of 214 entries. […]

10 Chinese Romantic Expressions On Valentine’s Day

  The original post was on Jamie's Mandarin WeChat in February 2020.  Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Despite the tough situation, we are going through […]

HSK 0-1 Chinese For Absolute Beginners

HSK 2 Elementary Chinese

HSK 3 Intermediate Chinese

HSK 4 Intermediate Chinese

HSK 5 Advanced Chinese

HSK 6 Native advanced Chinese

Group courses

Do you like a fun and an interactive learning environment? If yes, then our small and engaging learning groups are right for you! With a maximum of 6 students per group, we ensure everyone gets enough time to practice in each class.

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For companies

Choose a convenient time for your organisation and our teacher will come to your location to conduct customised classes according to your needs.

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Individual lessons

In our private individual classes, the teacher will deliver a customized lesson plan according to your goals. You will receive full attention and assistance from a teacher to help you learn faster. More flexible time tables are available.

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