Chinese National Day

The P.R. China (中华人民共和国) was established 71 years ago on October 1st, 1949. In the year of 2020, we are celebrating its 71th anniversary on the Oct 1st, also called the National Day. You probably have felt the strong atmosphere from the red flags flying every 3 meters along the street. For most Chinese people, this is an exciting moment to witness the anniversary military parade, feeling proud of this country. Besides that, we are going to have 7 days off with pay! Yaaaayyyyy...


The learning

Last year, Faye Wong (王菲)  sang the song “Me and my country 我和我的祖国” for the same titled movie immediately gained over 100 million reviews on Chinese social media. It was so pupolar, so why not let's hear it and learn some travel related Chinese phrases real quick to enrich your holiday experience!


The Phrases:

1. Wishing someone a happy National Day! 

1- If you want to wish someone a happy National Holiday Day, say: 


guó qìng jiē   kuài lè

Happy National Holiday! 


In fact, for wishing a happy any kinds of holiday in Chinese, we say: 

XXXX(holiday)  快乐kuài lè! (happy)


E.g., 新年快乐!

        xīn nián kuài lè

     Happy New Year



nǐkàn yuèbīng biǎo yǎn le ma

literally: you watched parade performance,  question mark?

meaning: Have you watched the parade performance?


The Phrases:

2- Asking about holiday plans 


(fàng jiǎ)nǐdǎsuàn qùnǎlǐ?

Lit: holidays you plan to go where

Meaning: Where do you plan to go on holiday?



nǐqùnǎlǐlǚyóu a?

lit: you go where travel

meaning: where are you traveling to? 


Question, can you combine these two sentences together and say a new sentence:

 “Where are you planning to travel to for the holidays?



wǒnǎér dōu búqù。

lit: I where either no go, 

meaning: I am not going anywhere. 



rén tài duō le

Too many people! 




lit: I go Thailand for vacation

meaning: I am going to Thailand for the holidays.



wǒmen yào qùlùyíng

We’re going to camping.


The Phrases:

3- At the train station:


nǐhǎo,  wǒxiǎng mǎi yīzhāng dào XXX (places) de piào 。

lit: Hello, I would like to buy a ticket to XXX’s ticket. *

meaning, hello, I’d like to buy a ticket to XXX.

* 张zhang is the measure word for tickets



wǒyào gǎi qiān

I need to reschedule (the ticket)




zuìwǎn de chē shì jǐdiǎn?

Lit: the latest car is what time?

Meaning: what’s the latest car(domestic bus) schedule? 

You can change the word “车chē”to other transportation.


The Phrases:

4- Words to wish someone a happy trip:

1.   Have a safe journey!


yī lù shùn fēng

2. Have a pleasant trip! 



3. Have fun!


wán dé kāi xīn 

Anything else you’d like to know about this topic? Leave a comment below!  

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-- Jamie 

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