Chinese Pinyin Phonetic training
HSK 6 Native advanced Chinese
Online Program

14 Day
Learning Challenge
For all levels

Starts 20-01-2020

Jamie Cao

Course designer

This program is designed for Chinese students who prefer to self-study on a flexible schedule. No matter if you're a beginner or have been learning Chinese for a while, you will find this program useful in a different perspective.

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What's included in the course

  • Efficient daily task
  • Free online materials
  • Study groups according to your level
  • Q&A with professional Chinese teachers

About the course

Are you afraid of forgetting your Chinese after a long break from holidays? A self-study based program with easy daily tasks is a great way to challenge and continue your Chinese learning.

You can participate in this challenge at anytime and anywhere! We give you the learning materials. This includes spreadsheets of a complete vocabulary list for each HSK level, important grammar points and videos of trendy topics in China. Such as how to use the "Meituan" application to order food delivery and Chinese greetings for special occasions. It's motivational when you study a new language with other learners, that is why we organise online study groups on WeChat.

Furthermore, you get a well-deserved 100RMB value coupon after you complete your challenge! You can use this money to buy Chinese classes, and goods from Jamie's Mandarin school.

You can start at anytime!

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Enrol in a fun and efficient learning challenge that many of my students have benefited from.

  • Free teaching videos
  • HSK vocabulary list
  • 30 grammar point list and examples
  • Useful learning resources and study guidance
  • Online Q&A time per day from professional teachers
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