Chinese Pinyin Phonetic training
December 14, 2017
Training Course


Starts 02-02-2020

Choose the best schedule for you.
The course is once a week, each workshop is 2 hours.

Spring Semester from 02-02-2020 to 30-07-2020

   Group A  Weekend Group
 Monday  -  -
 Tuesday 14:30
 Wednesday  -
Thursday -
Saturday -
Sunday 14:30

Alan Lin


I have been fond of calligraphy since I was a child and always ranked first in school. Since high school, I have won prizes in calligraphy competitions. In 2018, I got the National Advanced Certificate of Calligraphy. Learning calligraphy is good for body and mind. Let's improve together!

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What's included in the course

  • History of calligraphy
  • Meanings of characters
  • Write with a brush
  • Stroke orders and writing sequence
  • Bring home a formal work

About the course

The Calligraphy Training Course is suitable for those who want to explore the ancient form of art by writing beautiful characters and creating your own work to take home. Since the Han dynasty, calligraphy was considered not just a form of decorative art in China, but also was more valued than paintings and sculptures. Calligraphy ranked alongside poetry as a means of self-expression and cultivation.

This training course is once a week. Each workshop is 2 hours for a total of 32 hours. You can choose to enrol in either a weekday group or a weekend group. The teacher will explore different forms of characters in history and show you how to use ink and the bush correctly and so on. After completing each session you will be able to bring home your own work..

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