HSK 2 Elementary Chinese
10 Chinese Romantic Expressions On Valentine’s Day
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HSK 0-1

Starts 06-01-2020

Choose the best group schedule for you.
90minutes/session, twice a week, total 30hrs.

From 07-01-2020 to 27-03-2020

   Group A  Group B  Group C  Group D
 Monday  18:00  -  -  -
 Tuesday - 10:00 
 Wednesday  -
Thursday 18:00 - -
Friday - 10:00 
Saturday  - 15:00 
Sunday 18:00

Jamie Cao

Founder, Head teacher

Learning Chinese doesn't have to be difficult. Many beginners who now speak fluent Chinese comment that my approach is fun and supportive.

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What's included in the course

  • Mastery of Chinese phonetics (Pīnyīn)
  • Mastery of 150 vocabulary words (greetings, numbers, currency, colors, etc)
  • Practical day-to-day dialogue and grammar
  • Learn to write basic characters
  • Pass HSK 1 exam

About the course

In this beginners course, we will help you enter Chinese learning by mastering the Chinese pronunciation system-Pinyin. This includes 150 commonly used words and basic grammar patterns in daily conversations.

The course is available for individual tutoring and for groups. The total course takes 30hours, with a weekly 3 hour learning commitment. We take a maximum 6 students in each group. So choose a schedule that suits you the best and start your Chinese learning journey now!

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