HSK 3 Intermediate Chinese
HSK 0-1 Chinese For Absolute Beginners

HSK Level 2

Starts 01-02-2020

Choose the best group schedule for you
90minutes/session, twice a week, total 36hrs

From 01-02-2020 to 30-04-2020

   Group A  Group B  Group C
 Monday  10:00  -  -
 Tuesday -
 Wednesday  -
Thursday 10:00 19:45 
Saturday  - 19:45 10:00-12:00
Sunday 15:00  -

Alice Huang

Head teacher Native speaker

I'm certified in teaching Chinese as a second language by Pearson. I came from Henan province hence my speaking is standard and clear.

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What's included in the course

  • Mastery of 300 basic vocabulary words
  • Beginner social interactions
  • Introduction to Chinese characters
  • Introduction to Chinese culture: Chinese table manners and tea culture
  • Pass HSK 2 exam

About the course

In this HSK Level 2 course, you will be able to enhance your Chinese pronunciation. Your tones and intonations will be well trained. After completing the course, you will master 300 commonly used words and grammar patterns for social interactive conversations.

The course is available for individual tutoring and for groups. The total course takes 36 hours, with a weekly 3 hour learning commitment. We take a maximum of 6 students in each group so choose a schedule that suits you the best and start your Chinese learning journey now!

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