14 Day Learning Challenge For All Levels
HSK 5 Advanced Chinese

Chinese Course
HSK Level 6

Starts 02-02-2020

HSK 5 has Part 1(上) and Part 2(下). Make sure you choose the right level and right schedule.
Each part takes 100 hours respectively. Classes are 90minutes/session, twice a week.

Spring semester start From 02-02-2020 to 30-11-2020

   Group A  Group B  Group C
 Monday  -  18:00  -
 Tuesday 15:00 18:00 
 Wednesday  -
Thursday 15:00 18:00  18:00 
Friday 15:00 
Saturday  - 15:00 
Sunday 15:00  18:00 

Alice Huang

Head teacher, Native speaker

I'm certified in teaching Chinese as a second language by Pearson. I came from Henan province hence my speaking is standard and clear.

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What's included in the course

  • Speak Chinese fluently both in professional and daily life
  • Mastery of 5000 vocabulary words
  • Conduct a long-length Chinese in spoken
  • Write professional papers

About the course

In HSK Level 6 course is suitable for students who have passed HSK 5 or are ready for HSK level 6. After completing the course students will be able to pass HSK level 6 exam. This means students can easily comprehend written and spoken information in Chinese and can effectively express themselves in Chinese, both orally and on paper. This level is the equivalent of C2 level of CEF. Students will also be able to take the CTCSOL exam to be a Mandarin Teacher.

The course has two parts, Part 1(上) and Part 2(下). Each part takes 100 hours. with a weekly 3 hour learning commitment. The course is available for individual tutoring and for groups. We take a maximum of 6 students in each group. So choose a schedule that suits you the best and start your Chinese learning journey now!

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