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Pinyin Phonetic

Starts 29-01-2018

Do local Chinese find it difficult to understand you?
If so, this monthly course is perfect for you!

Every month, enrol any group for 4 weeks.

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 Monday  - -
 Tuesday - -
 Wednesday 14:30
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Saturday  - -
Sunday 14:00-16:00

Jamie Cao

Head teacher, Native speaker

This course will make a difference in your Chinese pronunciation by correcting and improving your intonations, tones, and stressing. You will sound more natural and clear, and in the meanwhile you will learn new phrases!

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What's included in the course

  • Correct and natural pronunciation of Initials and Finals
  • Train Neutral sound
  • Distinguishing Beijing accent and other ones
  • Word stressing
  • Sentence intonations

About the course

Many students struggle with Chinese pronunciation. It doesn't matter which level you are at, if you don't pronounce the tones correctly, or your intonation is weird, people will have a difficult time understanding your Chinese. In this Pinyin Phonetic Training course we delve into the core of the Chinese pinyin system to improve your overall pronunciation. We will train your word stressing, the flow of tone combinations, and the intonations of common sentences. Your ability to pronounce Chinese Pinyin will be much improved and enhanced. We have plenty of tasks and practices designed.

This course only takes 1 month to complete. It is 12 hours in total, with a weekly 3 hour learning commitment, each session is 90 minutes. We take a maximum of 6 students, and a minimum of 3 students in each group. So choose a schedule that suits you the best and start your Chinese learning journey now!

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